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Scandinavian Cybersecurity Experts - Secure State AB

Secure State is a Swedish knowledge-based company. We are specialists in working proactively with advanced cybersecurity. For more than a decade we have been working in Sweden and across Europe to empower resilient enterprises. In partnership with both private actors and the public sector, including government agencies, defence, municipalities and county councils, we provide confidence in systems and processes that fulfil our partners' demands for long-term, sustainable security solutions.

Our modern information society is constantly facing new challenges, in terms of both the secure exchange of information and compliance with laws and regulations. This is where we can help.

Regardless of your business and market place, proactive cybersecurity is a business enabler. Digitalization, regulatory requirements and an ever-expanding array of threats and vulnerabilities are constantly on the agenda. But the key point is that when you implement cost-effective measures the right way, security creates confidence and opens new business opportunities.

How we work

If there is one thing our experience has taught us, it is the importance of working with sustainable structures, using modern methods and tools. Structure and order are a prerequisite for high quality deliveries. We focus on helping our customers to create a systematic approach to their work with cybersecurity.

Our unshakeable primary focus is always the customer's needs. We always start from a fresh snapshot, analyzing our customers' prevailing circumstances and adapting our services to their requirements. We support our customers in all situations, and are always ready to provide further assistance or relief, as necessary.

Our toolbox consists of our collective competence and shared experience. We have a deep commitment to our assignments, and see possibilities and potential improvements in everything we do. We are committed, flexible, fast-moving and solution-oriented.

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